jeudi 30 juillet 2009

Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

Ryan, Fab & Keri Studio Session from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Ryan Leslie est une fois de plus à l'honneur sur mon blog de Beatmaking. Voici une vidéo dans laquelle R-Les produit le beat Everything, Everyday, Everywhere présent sur l'album Loso's Way de Fabolous. On retrouve aussi Keri hilson en featuring sur cette vidéo.
Voici ce que Ryan Leslie dit de cette vidéo de beatmaking :

Fabolous has always looked out. When my very first official single “Used 2 Be” was released, he lent his talent to a then unknown artist looking for a break. More recently, he featured on “Addiction” and showed up for both videos. When I heard his album was almost finished, I made it a priority to get him into the studio so that I could reciprocate his good will.
I picked up the talkbox the night before my SOB’s concerts. I’m still learning how to get the sound I want from it, so I’m always practicing with it in sessions. The riff I’m playing was just for fun and is only recorded in the video footage. Keri Hilson happened to be in an adjacent room and stopped in to hear what I was working on. Glad she was inspired to touch the record. Her talent is clearly evident. Shout out to Funk Flex, DJ Clue, Duro and Lenny S for appearing in this post and continuing to support me & NextSelection.


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  1. ah ah Ergy a découvert Vimeo !!! bien... :-)
    sinon il déchire tout ce son...

  2. t'inquiètes ! ça fai longtemps que je connais !!!